Olana provides professional services for Web site prototyping, design and hosting. In order to create a web site, which satisfies the needs, we use a systematic methodology in order to validate both the graphical look and the ergonomic principles:
  1. We create a prototype for several key pages. The prototype is then submitted for validation before complete site design. Of course, it is recommended to order several prototypes and complete the site with the graphical rules that seem the most appropriate. Normally, only static pages are produced for a prototype. At the end of this phase, each prototype is transferred to the customer who may keep it for later use.

  2. We design and implement a complete set of Web pages based on the prototype phase results. Pages can be static in standard HTML, or dynamic in PHP3 for example. For product lists, we have a turnkey solution using database storage: the product list may be updated as often as needed without impact on the web site, which is thus always up to date. If it is relevant, you may even update the product list yourself, via very simple tools like Microsoft Access (TM).

  3. We ensure hosting for the designed pages. Both quality and budget are guaranteed (Olana has a hosting partner). The infrastructure is in compliance with the pages, which have been designed. At least 50 Mbytes of disk space is made available on the HTTP server. Instantly, in addition, scripting for dynamic pages and a companion database are also supported. A larger package to 1 Gbytes or more may be requested.
Once created according to this procedure, we can also maintain your pages to keep them live and relevant via a regular maintenance contract. We may buy a domain name. And if there is already an existing site, we may transfer the domain for you. This is just a summary of our services…

You want to know more? Contact us at: admin@olana.com.


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